Things to be aware of on Koh Samui

1. Traveling


-The best way to get around the island would be to rent a scooter. To rent scooter, things that there are required are, passport, driver license and money. When riding a scooter the driver and passenger must at all times wear a helmet, if the passenger or driver if seen by the authority not wearing one you will be fined and if found not having a driving license you will pay even more.


-Taxis are most reliable source of transportation on the island but they are very expensive, sometimes they cheat the customer and don’t run by the meter.

Public transportation

-Samui’s public transportation are known as Song-Teaw, a red pick-up truck two rows of seats with a metal roof and lots of colorful spotlights. They drive around the island from Nathon to Lamai Village. From the early morning until the afternoon. During day they are relatively

cheap, but during the night sky they could cost close to a private taxi. There isn’t a definite time of these transportations; you might see them once every ten minutes or once an hour.


-Walking is the best way to observe the island, but isn’t the best choice to get to places due to there not really having any sidewalk to walk on, most of the time you’ll be on the road walking which is very dangerous, and the island is well known for accidents due to people crossing the road or those who are just unable to drive, but in the main areas of the island walking might just be the only option.

Ferry location and times

-Beware of the location of the pier that you will catch the boat to travel to your next destination, some piers are located across the island and will some time to arrive at it, so be worry.

2. Hospitals

-Bangkok Hospital

-Samui international Hospital

-Bandon Hospital

-Nathon Hospital

Hospitals on the Island are insanely expensive if anything occurs during your travel and you haven’t got any insurance you will be pouring your wallet out just to cover the cost off the doctors’ fees. Your best bet is to go to Nathon Hospital to get yourself recovered, it might be not the best option but it cheap and get the job done and the only down side if that is located at the north side of the island. Unless it’s an emergency than going to the closest is the only option.