The island has stunning spot in where tourist could capture the luscious scenery of the beaches or the formation of rocks. There is so much to see.

1.Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple)golden-buddha-at-koh-samui-island-in-thailand-big-buddha-aerial-4k-view_4nexuxmvg__F0000

Big Buddha can be seen at a distance of several kilometres and is the first landmark people see when arriving to Koh Samui by airplane. Big Buddha temple is majestically on a small island, north-eastern of Koh Samui. Known locally as Wat Phra Yai and remains one of the island’s most popular attractions. In addition, the steps are very steep. Walk up to the top you can see the view of Bang Rak beach for miles. And from the top view point can see the plane up and down because it is near the airport.

2.Khao Hua Jook Pagoda Temple

This temple is located at the top of Chom Dao Mountain, very close to Chaweng. In the pagoda is a Buddha’s footprint on display and the viewpoint is actually on the top of the building. Go up the hills and the steps to the temple, the views at the top are totally worth all the effort. You can see the beautiful Chaweng Lake, breathtaking views of the coastline as well as panoramic views of the towns below, Chaweng Beach and the airport landing runway.
Not many tourists visiting this beautiful place so you can expect to have peace and silence once you go up there.

3.Lad Koh ViewpointLad-Koh-Viewpoint4

This viewpoint is very popular among tourists with a number of tour vans dropping off groups to have a quick look great panoramic view on the sea and on the beautiful east coast of Koh Samui. Located on the high peaks between Lamai and Chaweng Beach on Route 4169. You can park your bike and walk along the paved path to the rocky overlooking the coastline, the grey stones, the turquoise water, and the clear blue skies above Chaweng offer a really pleasant sight. The location of Lad Koh Viewpoint also allows you to catch the stunning sunrise here.

4.Jungle clubView-from-Restaurant-2

Jungle Club is not easy to reach. It is resort and restaurant which located high on the mountain overlooking Chaweng beach, offers stunning views to the northeastern coast of Samui Island. The drive up to this hillside may be hair-raising especially the last few meters but it’s worth it for some of the best views on the island. Jungle Club’s restaurant has bamboo sofas with colorful cushions and several different types of chair and table arrangements.


Nathon beach is the main port. It is the largest local community on the island. Of course, daytime scenery is not a beautiful sea. But wait a bit to get twilight. This is a wonderful sunset spot. Nathon beach is very long. There are many different place of beachfronts, piers and multi-purpose area.Finding a place that you like by the way.

6.Bang Ma Khamenlarge-samui_land_for_sale_ls117_1

Bang Ma Kham beach is not suitable for swimming. But it is the stunning sunset point nearby the main road that you can just drive through or drop off to see the beautiful sunset. You just choose the right rocks and take a seat to watch the beauty of the sky change color is a perfect vibe.

7.Taling Ngam Beach12622328_1590491174523828_469071818959980198_o

Taling Ngam Beach is known as Five Islands Beach among tourist. From the beach, you will see the 5 islands are arranged in front of you.There are also coconut trees lined up. Important thing is Taling Ngam Beach is not crowded. When the sun goes down from the sky that the cloud reflects the color changing of the sky, it is stunning sunset.