Koh Samui has stunning beaches that are waiting to be explored. The heat of the boiling sun, the salt breezing from the crystal sea, waves colliding the bleach shores, sounds of freedom. Things that wait for your arrival.

1. Nathon BeachO11940409-2Located on the west side of the island, they are islands gate. Not being a place of any water activities, but being the greatest place to witness the rise and fall of the sun, the light that shines through the atmosphere and reflecting the sea, drawing in any visitors to it beauty.

2. Chaweng Beach


Located on the east side of the island and being the most well-known, most tourist come here. Why you might ask. It’s the longest beach, endless variety of shops to purchase food from all over the world, clubs to sit and have a refreshments. Music echoing out into the vast lands. The beach is a party goers dream. The sea is shallow and glass clear, you could walk meters from the shore not having to swim. Shores are like diamond dusts, and step feels like walking on feathers. Its loud every direction you face has life, cheering, smiling, having the time of their lives.

3. Bophut Beach


Located on the north side of the island, home to the fishermen. A beach long and wide, populated with boats, hotels, restaurants and anything local. Twice every week there will be a gathering of men and women, crafting and cooking, a gathering of goods and product for us to purchase. The gathering of the Fishermen’s Village Street Market.

4. Choeng Mon Beach


Located on the tip of the island and the home of the great Big Buddha statue. The beach are almost so empty you question where everyone is. One of the fascinating things about the beach is being able to vision other neighborhood islands and a few that could be adventured to by foot when the tides are low.

5. Lamai Beach


Located on the south side of the island, being a place of silence a place to kick back and enjoy the sounds of the waves clashing their way up stream, have the sun roast you while laying down emptying your mind forgetting about work, hardships and stress, letting the sand pushing up against you and having it give you a hug. There are stand locate on the beach which will allow you to ski, sliding on the ocean roof or reach the sky’s while being dragged by a boat.

6. Silver Beach


Located on the south side of the island in-between Chaweng beach and Lamai beach. A hidden gem, water so clear it feels drinkable, the water having corals colonies the expand for miles filed with life, sands so bright thinking you found a gold mine and the area not being so populated, things that ticks most boxes of a beach goer.

7. Coral Cove Beach


Located on the east side of the island on the bottom two hills. The area isn’t well known, is takes some searching to find it. The popularity of the other beach, making this place the Eldorado of beaches. The beauty that hides are well worth making a visit, from the emerald sea and the life form that drive beneath to the golden sand. A paradise not large but stunning.