A stream of liquid water that flows downwards from a high point to a lower point creating one of nature’s stunning arts, the waterfall. The main waterfalls on the island are easily accessible to the public and others having to journey through the island’s terrain.


Namuang Waterfall 1

Located in the village of Namuang and being the most well-known waterfall, having over hundreds of tourist visiting the location every day. Elephant tracking which I won’t really advised to go on, due to many reason that some maybe familiar to, lots of local gift shop which are outrageously overpriced and having a local Thai restaurants.

Every visitor are welcome to jump in lake experiencing the chilling waters and the constant sounds of water raging down from the hills.


Namuang Waterfall 2

Located in the village of Namuang and a few meters away from the first. Adventurers will be required to go up steep hills through the forest but in exchange will be greeted to one of the more visualizing waterfall on the island. Wild life buzzing around, birds gliding and just more in touch with nature.


Hin Lat Waterfall

Located in the village of Nathon and within a temple, making it the most harmonizing waterfalls on the island. But being able to reach the waterfall every visitor will be journeying through the temple, walk on path ways made of stone slabs and dirt while admiring trees that stand tall breezing in the wind, leaves playing the maracas and the smell of fresh air blowing pass.