Me and my brother, the both of us built this place, a place we call home.

We had ideas of having an environment which allows anyone and everyone to be able to work while also having an atmosphere which is relaxing and calm. The common area is large, this allows us to make events which customers are welcome to partake in, such as games and movie nights. We designed the area to completely open, allowing fresh air to breezes through and being a bit in touch with some nature.

Located on a quiet street, having convenient stores and a bakery close by, while not being too distant from the more populated areas as the Fisherman’s Village and having a fresh Thai local market right across the street.

What does us mean to us?

You, me and everyone creating and sharing enjoyable moments that develops in Us Hostel, so it can be a memory that will not be forgotten. Like family.

Can’t wait for you to visit us, Us Hostel.

For other facility information you can check on our photos and reviews. Maybe one day you would become one of us. Additional services

* Free WIFI

* Shuttle Bus Service (Please contact to [email protected])

* Motorbike Rental

* Bar & Restaurant

Rooms & Facilities

We have … room types. For a couple, group of friends and solo traveller. Booking here!